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This program I believe is really awesome in bringing in all these speakers, because even though not all of them are discussing the career paths that I am going after, they try to show which  paths you can take. I am a senior so I am really nervous about everything, taking tests, and what the right school will be for me. Most seniors can relate to this. This program lets me know that everything is going to be alright, to not worry about it. It teaches me what other necessary steps I have to take to fulfill what I want to fulfill in my life. We have had some awesome speakers.

It also teaches me that the way I end up pursuing my dream should be a passion. So that when I go do my job, it is not just a job and I am not worrying about how much I get paid but that it is something I love to do. It is not going to matter who my boss is, because I will be doing what I love. The speakers are good at helping us understand how to find our passion. - Grady High School Senior

I think this program helps me think about what I really want in my  life and how planning for my future or planning for my own happiness is important. There are so many people going through career transitioning right now and it helps you to ask yourself, ‘Do I want to have a job just because it is there, or do I want to be happy and really walk into the career that I am in and think every day that is great to be there? – Grady High School Senior
I like how we are able to talk on a personal basis, it shakes us up and it helps us to see that you guys already know that we have it in us, and it is an inspiring way of being able to show high school students that they can achieve as much as they want to as long as they stay dedicated to it. I like it how they do it in a fun way through open conversations, because I like to talk! – Grady High School Senior
This program has been a fantastic opportunity for the kids to meet a lot of people who are professionals. It is something that has definitely taught a lot to the students, especially when we have some celebrities come in here to speak to them because it is letting them know that the sky is the limit and they can achieve whatever they want to achieve. I would like for this program to be available for as long as I am teaching here at Grady. – Grady High School Teacher

Founder - Liz Lieberman



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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."      

~Frederick Douglass