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Chambers, Lori


Co-Founder, Finding Empowerment Through Education Foundation Incorporated

Lori is a young entrepreneur and educator who aspires to positively impact humanity by advocating personal improvement and accountability. Her methods for doing so are unifying people, sharing personal experiences and learning new ways to work together and enjoy life. Her vehicle for achieving her goal is the creation of an education foundation centered on youth empowerment by guiding them through their life experiences in totality.  She found her passion by discovering ways to express her creativity throughout life and eventually cultivating a love for learning. Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lori had lots of time to gain an appreciation for her natural athleticism by first running and playing basketball. She began to hone her skills at the age of 7 on streets and local basketball courts where her peers and elders contributed to her progress. When she entered Junior high school, she joined the track team and participated in the 800m, 4x400m 200m and long jump events. She was part of the track and field public league championship team in 1997 and 1998. The next year at age 11, she started on the girl’s varsity basketball team and was also appointed team captain during this first year. The game of volleyball discovered her when her long time gym teacher approached her about joining the defunct volleyball team. With her enthusiasm and hard work she was named captain of the team and successfully led the team to the public league semi-finals, and was named MVP for the year of 1999.

Although she continued to play varsity basketball throughout high school she struggled socially. She no longer found the same things she to do for entertainment, enjoyable. She also did not feel academically challenged at school and soon began skipping school. While never before intending to get a college degree, she still yearned to know more and soon began to read voraciously. She enjoyed history, science, world culture and soon decided to plan for college. She attained her bachelor's of arts in English in 2008 from Clark Atlanta University. Lori continued her passion for personal development in Atlanta, GA by contributing to the start of a non-profit youth foundation called Finding Empowerment through Education. She serves as program developer of the Life Sciences Program. She is currently a Playball coach dedicated to passing on her passion for sports and self-improvement to youth.

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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."      

~Frederick Douglass