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Day, Heidi


Fournder & Executive Director, Chayil, Inc.

Heidi Day is the Founder and Executive Director of Chayil Inc. Chayil Inc.,(pronounced Ky-eel) is a non-profit organization that helps domestic violence victims THRIVE.  This program utilizes an innovative Life Coaching model, the Chayil Personal Development curriculum to bring beauty and peace from the ashes of the victims lives.  It is Heidi’s desire that this ground-breaking intervention will change the face of domestic violence intervention and provide a conduit of healing for victims of domestic violence and concerned women within the community.  

Chayil was born from Heidi’s burning desire to truly change lives.  Heidi is no stranger to life’s hardships.  The suffering of women, including Heidi’s own pain is the motivating force behind her life.  Heidi attended Oakwood University, earning a B.S. degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and went on to pursue Life Coaching training from the Graduate School of Coaching. Heidi has spoken and conducted workshops all over the country on domestic violence, self esteem and creating and living your “Divine Ideal.” From a child she knew she wanted to help others and always had a passion for helping her “sisters.”  After working in various areas of Behavioral Health she went on to pursue experience in corporate America in professional sales.  The spirit of volunteerism has been a part of Heidi’s fabric from her earliest years.  From that time to the present she has volunteered in various women agencies and shelters.

It was in surrendering her all to God that Heidi discovered her “Divine Ideal.”  It is in reaching out that she is fulfilled within.  Heidi now pursues healing, her own and that of her sisters with an insatiable passion because she has discovered that this is not simply her life journey but her life calling.

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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."      

~Frederick Douglass