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Sockel, Genie - September 15

genie_sockelThrough her practice as an employment litigator at one of the nation's top employment law firms (Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather and Geraldson), Genie Sockel, Esq. saw the financial and emotional costs of workplace MIScommunication.  Managers were not necessarily the villains that employees described.   More likely, managers were not aware of the impact of their communication and behavior on their colleagues and subordinates.    These managers were within the letter of the law, but they missed the spirit of the law - managing and growing beyond limiting prejudices to make individual professionals, the organization and, ultimately, America stronger.

Genie has worked with managers and key leaders to provide one-on-one intensive sensitivity training for the last nine years.  These professionals have heightened their workplace antenna to nimbly identify and follow actions that add to workplace comraderie and respect.  They have improved the clarity of their communication so that the impact of their behavior is consistent with their positive intentions.    With these enhanced skills, these professionals have improved the overall morale, productivity and professional timbre of their workplace.

Genie has conducted one-on-one sensitivity trainings for high level executives and managers from large corporations to family owned businesses with diverse industries including college athletics, lending institutions, medicine, automobile manufacturing and the military.

Genie's interest in the interplay among cultural influences on group dynamics began as she grew up on the multicultural island of Oahu, Hawaii. Genie explored this interest at Yale when she wrote her Senior Thesis as a Psychology Major, "Academic Achievement at the Expense of Cultural Identity: Psychological Stressors of Academically Advanced, Economically Disadvantaged Adolescents".  She further developed this attention to different perspectives when she wrote "Evaluating The Reasonable Woman Standard in Labor Arbitration" while at the Georgetown University Law Center.

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Genie Sockel: Being Your Akamai Self



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